As one of the proprietors of Item Audio, I get to listen to many exciting audio wares. Our exciting ongoing mission is to explore the perenially fascinating world of computer audio. And sometimes we have exciting episodes interacting with the colourful characters in the audio trade.

I hope that sporadic reports of our panel auditions and experiments with computer hard/software and lid-lifting exposeés of the fruity modus operandi in our industry will make edifying reading.

But primarily – beyond our remit to educate and entertain – above the desire to correct (or at least provide accurate basis for) the reputation for charlatanry and sharp practice by which our business is (not unfairly) afflicted – a blog is useful in getting more people to visit Ground Zero in our evil conspiracy to part innocent punters from their income by exploiting their insecurities with a cunning labyrinth of smoke and mirrors constructed of half-truths, lies and sheer marketing (AKA: a shop). Welcome!

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