Top 10 Audio Controversies (Resolved)

Audio folk love the sweet sound of their own voices. Wherever domestic audiophiles, musicians or engineers gather, there are as many opinions as bits of kit. Even topics that seem theoretically clear cut (cf: ‘facts’, ‘science’) persist in being ‘not quite as simple’ when practical applied – or not widely accepted even if true, dammit – endlessly opening the door to subjective debate. Here’s our take on a few such issues, providing an opportunity to impart some personally cherished truisms . . .

Source First

The Room


– Power

– Analog

– Digital

– Speaker

Bits are Bits

– 24 bit, DSD, etc?

– Computers all sound the same / don’t have ‘a sound’

– SPDIF v USB v AES v I2S v Ethernet

There are no good, small, passive speakers

Bigger is Better

Building Systems Backwards

Box blur (aka ‘To pre or not to pre’)

Transparency vs. voicing

Measurement (aka ‘Known Unknowns’)

Blind Testing

Feel free to respond below: apparently we’re entitled to our own facts now, too . . .

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