Hiss Ranker (2021 Edition)

Measurements were made against a standard baseline of background noise in each session using a Sonarworks XREF 20 embedded in a foam shielded cone at a distance of 180mm from the tweeter face.

Total Hiss is calculated across a 1-20KHz spectrum as the sum of deviations from the baseline. Peak Hiss records the maximum spike above the baseline at a specified frequency. However, we have not biased these figures in favour of audibility. Self-noise artefacts at 14KHz are less obtrusive than those occurring at 4KHz , but may still contribute to a relatively high Total Hiss figure. For the full picture, please refer to the graphs in the table below.

Where the monitor has adjustable gain or volume control, readings were taken at maximum and minimum gain, and at a midpoint – typically 0dB. In all cases higher numbers indicate more audible self-noise.

At a listening distance of 1m, peak hiss of 6dB at 180mm is typically not audible. Broadly, monitors scoring 150 or less on the Total Hiss scale can be considered unobtrusive. However, a peak hiss in excess of 10dB at 180mm may be audible at distances of up to 2m, depending on ambient noise and the acuity of the listener.


113 (7dB peak) Adam S Series at -15dB
156 (9dB peak) Yamaha HS Series at 0dB
241 ADAM T Series at 0dB
245 Fostex PM Series at 0dB
251 Dynaudio LYD at 0dB


873 (20dB peaks) Kali IN8 at max gain
864 (20dB peak) KRK G4 at max gain
544 ADAM S Series at max gain
479 ADAM T Series at max gain

and Tweeter Amp

TOTAL HISS @ 180mm PEAK HISS @ 180mm

ADAM T Series
20W Class D

Min Gain: 142
Mid Gain: 241
Max Gain: 479
Min Gain: 6dB @ 4400Hz
Mid Gain: 8dB @ 4400Hz
Max Gain: 14.5dB @ 6200Hz

ADAM A Series
50W Class A/B
ADAM A-Series Hiss Profile

-14dB: 220
0dB: 257
+14dB: 406
-14dB: 8dB @7.7KHz / 15KHz
0dB: 9dB @7.7KHz / 15KHz
+14dB: 15dB @7.7KHz / 20KHz

ADAM S Series
50W Class A/B

ADAM S Hiss Profile

-70 to -15dB: 113
0dB: 239
+10dB: 544

-70 to -15dB: 7dB @ 7700Hz
0dB: 10dB @7700Hz
+10dB: 14dB @ 7700Hz

Dynaudio LYD
50W Class D

251 8dB from 4-5KHz
Fostex PM05
Min Gain: 267
0dB Gain: 245
Max Gain: 438
Min Gain: 8dB @ 2.4/4.9KHz
0dB Gain: 8dB @ 2400Hz
Max Gain: 12.5dB @ 4000Hz
Kali IN8
40W Class D

KALI IN8 Hiss Profile

-10dB: 651
0dB: 733
Max Gain: 873
-10dB: 16dB @2.4KHz / 20KHz
0dB: 16dB @2.4KHz / 20KHz
Max Gain: 18-20dB peaks
@ 2.4KHz, 7.7KHz and 20KHz
KRK Rokit G4
Class D
-70 to -30dB: 603*
-15dB: 638*
0dB: 674*
+10dB: 864*
-70 to -30dB: 17dB @ 2500Hz
-15dB: 17dB @2500Hz
0dB: 19dB @ 2400Hz
+10dB: 20dB @ 2400Hz
Yamaha HS Series
45W Class A/B
Min Gain: 147
0dB: 156
Max Gain: 201
Min Gain: 9dB @ 4900Hz
0dB Gain: 9dB @ 4900Hz
Max Gain: 11.5dB @ 4900Hz







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