Model 1008 (codenamed ‘Bighorn’) breaks many of the rules established by Item’s open-baffle range: it’s not a complete dipole; it’s not well suited to small rooms, the bass section can’t be independently located, and it’s got a socking great horn in it. However, in a larger space – and for rock fans seeking a big, dramatic sound – Bighorn brings recordings to life with superb dynamic range and detail, thanks to its dual 15″ bass drivers per channel (1000cc displacement), dedicated 8″ midrange, and 1″ compression driver. These ingredients often combine in PA and commercial cinema installations because of their ability to project shock and awe, but when harnessed and civilised by six channels of Hypex nCore amplification and the full power of Fusion DSP / PEQ, Bighorn is eminently listenable for stereo and multichannel applications.

Model 1008 costs as little as £950 per speaker complete with amplification, crossover and DAC and is also available ‘bare’ (without crossover), or with a pre-programmed licence of JRiver MediaCentre and an Audient multichannel DAC for £399. Bring your own amplification (six channels required).

The following off-the-shelf amplification options are offered:

Digital Edition: £1,800 per pair
Includes Audient ID14 interface.
Digital crossover and EQ/room correction via JRiver MediaCentre for Mac, Linux and Windows.

Hypex Edition: £2,500 per pair
1200W into 4 ohms total

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