For many customers, Model 1884 will be an end-game purchase – and not only because the openly accessible tuning options allow it to be fitted to room and listener preferences. The combination of dual 15-inch woofers delivering open-baffle bass down to 25Hz and all-planar dipole midrange/treble drivers is an ideal marriage of speed, drive and substance in the lower registers and the effortlessly natural rendition of ultra-low mass materials handling frequencies above 250Hz that will be familiar to owners of electrostatic and magnetostatic speakers.

The 1800 Planar is offered with the 1200W Hypex Fusion DSP/Amplification module, allowing the use of digital and analog sources, at a cost of £4,500 per pair or £2,250 per single speaker.

Digital-only listeners who are happy to stream or serve music via JRiver MediaCentre are offered the Audient multichannel DAC and six channels of Class D amplification for £3,999. This route opens the possibility of using other amplification according to preference. We’re happy to discuss options.

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